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Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking for a modern home?

If you you've been looking for a contemporary styled home and find it frustrating sifting through all the local real estate company websites trying to find one, here is a website worth looking at. 

This site is about properties/real estate around the greater Seattle area, with modern architecture and design in mind.This site online now for over 10 years, listing mid-century retro architecture to newer modernist architecture and great design, matching up buyers, sellers, landlords, owners, with enthusiasts of modern architecture and cutting edge modern design. This site is by an experienced, currently licensed and practicing real estate broker who can put deals together, a former licensed builder who has worked in AIA architectural offices for a half dozen years doing working drawings, an architecturally experienced designer/enthusiast of restoration and preservation of the spirit and essence of the philosopies of what historians and preservationists are now calling the "recent past" Also the spirit and essence of LeCorbusier, Mies van der Rohe (happy birthday to him) and others who inspired the local architects here in the midcentury and beyond. 

I've followed this site for years and I find myself going to his site multiple times a week to see what he is able to find. There are some amazing mid-century modern  homes out there just waiting to be updated. Homes built for Northwest living. Tremendous value in the market right now. 

Contact Tom Holst: cell: 206-841-0003, with Madison Partners Real Estate