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Friday, February 24, 2017

Madrona Restoration

KSA is helping oversee revitalization of a historic hillside home in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle. The renovation is a project of Urban Squirrel, a remodel and design duo based in Seattle. The work is being filmed by Zillow for the first episode of a new web series, set to debut in mid 2107!

The first priority was leveling up the foundation and each sagging floor by roughly half a foot. Since the project was on a 40% steep slope it is considered an Environmentally Critical Area and therefore required involvement of a structural and geotechnical engineers to "underpin" the foundation in order to stabilize it. This added some complexity to the process with the building department as well as the construction. KSA guided the owner in the process since they had not done it before. 

The list of other ambitious improvements that KSA was enlisted for includes re-planning of the interior. This included adding a new bedroom, one and a half new bathrooms, and substantial modern upgrades like new and restored windows, a new roof, new gas fireplace and an entirely new kitchen.

Construction is in full swing and the next phase should bring more dramatic changes - stay tuned!

"cribbing" used to support the house while
it is being jacked up and leveled. Steel will
be installed so support the two floors above
New grade beam and steel beam and
column to support the floors and open
up the basement area

Existing "push piers" used to lift the foundation

Pipe piles driven into ground and attached
to foundation to stabilize the home

Added structure to bring house up to current code from a structural and seismic standard. 

urban squirrel - Madrona - new powder room

urban squirrel - Madrona - new fireplace and living room

urban squirrel - new relocated kitchen with view

urban squirrel - new dining room with reclaimed wood railing

urban squirrel - custom vanity with sliding mirror

urban squirrel - new bathroom with refurbished clawfoot tub

urban squirrel - daylight basement opened up (steel above)
to provide more room and light

urban squirrel - existing doors were converted into a bard door

urban squirrel - new office/parlor. Existing windows preserved