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Thursday, January 2, 2014

MP House #7 - Rainscreen Siding

Rainscreen Siding

The siding on this house was a combination of pre-stained western red cedar and hardi-panel. Rainscreen siding is becoming more common now and in the future some form of rainscreen will eventually be how all siding will be installed ( It is already code in Canada) The rainscreen version on this house was an open rainscreen meaning that the joints were open. What exactly is rainscreen siding? 

For a more in-depth explanation on rainscreen siding, take a look at this article written by Kyle Keever in the Journal of Light Construction. His company Synapse Construction installed the rainscreen siding on this house and others that I have designed. 

Below are some photos of the black stained cedar and hardi panel. 

Battons installed over Vaproshield WRB. Studio was
built on top of existing garage

Front of house. Black cedar open rainscreen. Flat panels are
primed hardi panel that will be painted. 

North side of house and more of the 'service side". Most penetrations
were directed to this side of the house. Transition between hardi panel
and cedar siding is flashed essentially creating a flashed area so any
penetration through the hardi will shed water properly. 

New stairwell from back deck up to studio. Vaproshield
installation in progress.

Cedar open rainscreen on upper half of house. Hardi panel
on lower have on the South side. 

Vaproshield installation on lower half of South Elevation. 

Installation of Cedar open rainscreen on studio/garage

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  1. I am very selective when it comes to siding colors and material, these things adds value to your house so have to be very good.