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Friday, October 25, 2013

MP House #6 - Warmboard


Warmboard is a product used for in-floor heating. Radiant heating can be installed several ways. 

1. Tubing is set in  gypcrete that is poured over the subfloor
2. Tubing is attached to the bottom of the subfloor against metal plates to dispurse heat.
3. A panel system with routed out channels that the tubing fits into. This is installed over the subfloor .

I chose a version of option 3.  It differs from other  systems like Quick-Track. The Warmboard version is a superior product providing heat closer to your feet and distributed more evenly.

Here is a link to their website if you want to read more about it. 

Warmbord 2'x4' panels are nailed to subfloor. Tubing is
set into channels.
Warmboard with PEX tubing set in. Ready for flooring
Adding Ramboard over Warmboard for protection prior to
drywall installation

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