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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MP House Diary #3 - Framing


Framing was done by Grondahl Construction a Seattle framing company. 

First floor framing on existing foundation. Notice floor is
has been shimmed up 7.5" from top of foundation wall
to give basement a 7'-1" basement height. 

New North Wall ready to be raised up

New South wall ready for steel posts

New steel posts in South wall

Steel bucket to support beam. The welded tabs "stiffen"
the wall below and transfer shear. Once in, a steel angle
was welded to the tab that ran parallel to the wall to give it
added stiffness. 

Thank goodness that Plywood Supply has a large
knuckle boom to drop that load of lumber where we need it.
Notice the fence and the powerlines. This guy knows how
to thread a needle!

West wall beam. Needed a beam lifter to get
this one into place

Beam lifter to set flush framed beam along
South wall. 

Birds eye view as they set beam in place

Upper windows along south wall. Steel beams transfer
shear loads to the wall below.

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