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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MP House Diary #4 - Roofing


This roof is a flat room with an un-vented cavity. The roofing system requires that the slope be built up with tapered rigid insulation and we used a TPO single-ply membrane. It is more expensive than an EPDM application, but last longer and is easier to install and comes with a longer warranty. The TPO membrane is white and reflects heat better than the old black torchdown type roof you can see on the neighbors roof in the background of the first photo. The roof cavity is filled with a combination of spray foam and batt insulation. 

6 mil vapor barrier with minimum R-10 polyiso rigid
insulation to keep that roof sheathing surface warm to
mitigate condensation

Rigid insulation being built up. 

More views of the tapered rigid insulation along with the
polyiso insulation on top. 

Rolls of TPO roofing that will be mechanically fastened to
the rigid insulation. Seams will all be overlapped and
heat welded

All plumbing vents and roof penetrations were in place
prior to roofing installation

Top of parapet wall. TPO roofing runs up and over the
parapet and will receive a sheet metal coping. 

Mechanically fastened TPO roofing membrane

TPO roofing ready to be heat welded

TPO roofing run up and over parapet, heat welded
together and ready for metal coping.

Roof penetration fit with a "boot" and is heat welded to
roofing membrane

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