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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MP House Diary #5 - Windows

Windows and WRB

The choice of windows  was one of the most important decisions on this project. Large expanses of glass were used to break up the "box" architecturally while providing lots of natural light and bringing the outdoors in. The windows are Fleetwood thermally improved aluminum windows (Westwood and Kona window wall). One of the few aluminum options left out there that can meet the energy code requirements and have the testing to prove it.

The weather resistive barrier (WRB) is a breathable product called Vaporshield "Reveal Shield". This version is black because we are doing an open rainscreen siding installation. The Vaproshield is folded into the openings and adhered with a liquid flashing to create a full protected opening. Windows are set on metal pans to further protect from water intrusion and allow proper weeping to occur.

Vaproshield "Reveal Shield".

High fixed windows along South wall. Ready
for head flashing.

Window flanges sealed with Dow 758

Close of up of a window wrap mock up. 

Installing the Vaproshield

Entry porch window looking through dining
area towards kitchen

High South Windows. Steel angle is now
welded to steel flanges and stiffen the lower
Applying liquid flashing to sill, jamb an heat
Fleetwood "Kona" window wall system. Thermally
improved unlike a storefront system and has nailing flanges
so the building wrap can be integrated into the flashings.
Now that is a wall of glass!

Kona window wall system wrapping the
outside corner. Thin stile entry door by Aluminex
a Canadian company.  

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