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Monday, October 14, 2013

MP House Diary #2 - Foundation

Foundation Work

In this post I'd like to show how we dealt with the foundation on this house. The existing house was built in 1941 and the foundation was in good shape. Like homes of this era the floor framing spanned from exterior wall to a bearing wall the ran down the center of the plan. The basement had a sump pump which we were able to remove and install a gravity based interior footing drain that dumps into the sanitary sewer.

Using an existing foundation can be tricky. Some things to consider.

1. Do you have a footing? Older homes built in the 20's often times didn't have one. 

2. Is there any signs of cracking or settling? If so, has there been water intrusion?

3.  Is there a footing drain (often call a french drain)? Is it functioning?

Temporary shoring in basement to support
main floor while we pour new footings and install
flush beam to open up basement plan

Sawcut original slab. Excavation for new footing. 

Excavation for new footing. You can see
the line of the old bearing wall in the foreground

New below grade plumbing work. 

Below grade plumbing work. New back
flow preventor, waste line

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